Better Than The Rest

We use the finest quality approved medical grade plastic material to produce Tarbust Premium Cigarette Filters.
Tarbust is produced at fully automized GMP certified production facilities to minimize defective products and relieve our customer hygiene concerns.
All products are delivered in sealed packs and you will be the first one to open the pack.

Tarbust Filters Lifespan

After 1 Cigarette

I can feel the TAR growing

After 2 Cigarettes

Yes, you were inhaling this all the time.

After 4 Cigarettes

The TAR is strong in this one

After 6 Cigarettes

Move on to next filter already

Tarbust Filters

• Tarbust filters are designed to filter harmful chemicals like tar and nicotine and blocks most of these chemicals in its chamber.
• The most important feature of Tarbust is that it does not compromise on taste during the filtration process.
• It has become indispensable for smokers as it allows comfortable smoking experience with its 4-holed mechanical smoke purification technology.
• Regular use of Tarbust may improve general wellbeing by reducing throat burn and cough.

Reduced tar intake may eventually contribute to cleaner teeth, healthier gums, fresher breath and less nicotine stained fingers.

Simply insert your cigarette into the filter for much happier lungs.

In the long run, it may contribute helping the clients to either reduce or quit smoking for good.